Apr 25 2008

My code is ready for a promotion

When you are working as part of a development team, one thing that can get you in trouble making code submissions before the code is ready.  Unfortunetaly, assessing whether or not your code is "ready" is a subjective process, but there is something you can to avoid problems.  In this case, you need to define the teams agreed "Code Promotion Path"...  That is to say...  What has to happen  before code may be checked in.  Every environment is different, so you need to define a path that makes sense for your team.  Whatever the team decides, it is a good idea to write it down, and publish it somewhere all stakeholders have access to.  Here is a simple example that may help give you some ideas: 

The decision to accept changes to the source library is informed by a review of key elements by key stakeholders

Security-focused review to identify product vulnerability and assess risk to the product owners/sponsors. Manual inspection, Architectural review, Static Code analysis review, and other testing can be used to assist this process

Code Peer Reviews to validate requirements, and compliance with Project standards & specification
Architect review to assess conformance to architectural tenets, and adherence to the original product design

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