May 26 2007

Manage TFS Source From the Windows Shell

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I ran across the below blog entry and was really excited...  Back in the days when we all dreaded Visual Source Safe (VSS), many of us used open source products like CVS and SVN.  One of the great tools that grew out of this community was a Source Control Client that was implemented as a Windows Shell Extension. TortoiseCVS and TortoiseSVN, are really easy to use Revision, Version, and Source control software. Until now there was no similar solution for TFS-based source control.  Dubbelbock TFS is the first project to attempt to bring a shell integrated experience to TFS users. 

Benjamin Day Consulting Blog Entry

Since it's not an integration for a specific IDE you can use it with whatever development tools you like. TortoiseSVN is free to use. You don't need to get a loan or pay a full years salary to use it. Ever heard of Tortoise SVN?  It's a great tool that lets you control Subversion source control from Windows Explorer.  Right-click on a file or folder and you can do operations like check-in, check-out, add, etc.

I use Team Foundation Server for my source control and have missed the convenience of being able to access source like that.  So, I wrote it. 

This is the official announcement of “Dubbelbock TFS“.  With Dubbelbock you can select a directory or file and do “Get Latest“, “Check in“, “Check out“, “Lock“, “Add“, “Undo“, “View Status“, “Compare to Server Version (diff)“, and “View History“.

If you want to see a list of other cool TFS tools, look at my TFS Tag or Checkout the Accentient TFS Widget list which I contribute to.



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