Jan 5 2007

Capture Bug Details and Screen Captures Directly into TFS Work Items from IE

Category: Cool ProductsJoeGeeky @ 01:16

I recently had one of those head-knocking V8 moments.  I ran across a great little open source tool that captures Bug details and screen captures directly into TFS Work Items from IE.  This is a simple idea that has a lot of tremendous benefits.  If you are a web product tester working in a TFS environment then you really need this. As stated on this Source page...

IEeee is an addin to Internet Explorer to easily allow testers / developers to raise a bug against the currently loaded page. The bug report will be automatically generated to include all the information a developer needs to reproduce and resolve the problem, including:

  • A screenshot
  • HTML source of the page and any frames and IFrames
  • Any style sheets referenced by the page
  • Any script files referenced by the page
  • Details about the user's machine and browser (OS version, browser version, screen size, ...)


If you want to see a list of other cool TFS tools, look at my TFS Tag or Checkout the Accentient TFS Widget list which I contribute to.



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