Apr 30 2006

Automatic Code Generation, Code that writes itself!

Category: Selfish MotivationJoeGeeky @ 01:02

Billy Hollis once said that developers have an addiction... Writing code... After much sole searching and a little Freudian introspection, I realized that I was a code addict. Having faced my demon, I set out to address my addiction head-on.  What was the answer? Simple… write code that writes itself. 

As usual Microsoft was thinking ahead, and provided us with a very powerful .NET namespace containing tons of great classes to facilitate this process. That namespace is System.CodeDom…

Consider for a moment, how many times you’ve had to produce an information class filled with public properties and their private members. This is tedious work and really doesn’t lend itself to making you a better programmer. Like the first step in a 10-step program, my first application was geared towards making this portion of my job obsolete, allowing me to provide basic property information in a language neutral short-hand and then producing a complete code set in the language of my choice. I don’t normally post my code but this is something that more developers need to explore. To that end, the below links are provided to help proliferate this type of practice… 

Thanks Billy, you saved my soul….

Joes Property Code Generator - Binaries.zip (19.49 kb)

Joes Property Code Generator - VS 2K5 Source Code.zip (26.81 kb)

Note: You must have both the .NET Runtime and the J# 2.0 Runtime installed to use this.

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Apr 15 2006

Joe the Jedi!

Category: Just for funJoeGeeky @ 21:57

Yes!...  Thats right!... The force is with me... at least it was for a little while.  This was a fun project.  I took a break from the code and decided to go in search of my metaclorine.  I made a small clip just to see what it took to make this type of special effect.  As it turns out, this takes a really LONG! time and a ton of disk space.  With that said, it was a lot of fun and worth looking into if you (a) need a break from the code and (b) are feeling a bit creative.  There are tons of resources online so it should be easy to get started.  After this, I have to say I have a lot of respect for the hard core Star Wars Fan Film producers.